Comparison Between SCR, BJT, MOSFET & IGBT

Comparison Between SCR, BJT, MOSFET, IGBT

An SCR is a controlled rectifier made up of p-type and n-type semiconductor material belonging to the thyristor family. It consists of three terminals anode, cathode, and gate, and works similar to a diode when a pulse is applied to the gate terminal.

Difference Between GTO and SCR

Difference between GTO and SCR

GTO is another type of thyristor similar to SCR for which the gate has full control (both turning OFF and turning ON) over the operation of GTO.

Difference Between SCR and LASCR

Difference Between SCR and LASCR

LASCR (light-activated SCR) is also a type of thyristor made up of semiconductor material that turns ON when light radiations fall on it. LASCR is almost similar to SCR except it will turn ON only when exposed to sunlight.